Responsive Web Design: page content changes as the size of the window displaying content changes.


With nearly everyone using mobile devices these days, having your website accessible to the mobile world means your business or personal website is not limited to just desktop users for clear viewing. Textus brings over 15 years of development experience into making websites that are available to both traditional and mobile platforms. We can help make your current website mobile ready or create a new one from scratch that incorporates the latest concepts in site design: responsive to any device viewing your content.

Responsive Design means no matter who (or what device) is looking at your website, the content will be displayed appropriately for the window size and device type. Smaller images and briefer content, for example, for small window sizes, which helps reduce bandwidth usage. Full-size images and complete content for desktop windows.

We also maintain traditional websites and can help troubleshoot any issues or provide new features (interactive forms, online store, content managment system?). See the Services Tab below for what we can do for your website. Check out the Portfolio Tab to find examples of both mobile and traditional sites.

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  • Mobile Sites(all platforms - phones,tablets,pads)
  • Traditional Site Maintenance
  • Site Troubleshooting
  • Design Enhancements

Site/Feature Ideas

  • Mobile Site (New or create from existing site)
  • New Site Look & Feel
  • Landing Pages - Informational Sites
  • New Features
    • Online Store
    • Audio/Video Repository
    • Event/Calendar System
    • Forms Resources/li>
    • Require Login for protected content
    • Your Idea Here
  • Content Management System
  • Blog Site


Work has been performed either in part or in full on these websites and/or private (not available to public) applications:
Business Project Description
Faith Lutheran Church, Capo Beach Faith Lutheran Church
Faith Lutheran Church Mobile Site Faith Luther Church Mobile
Lyndon Smith, CPA Responsive Design Website for small business
eStream.com, Inc. (Concord Law School) Support custom Online Law School Educational System
Entrepreneur Media, Inc. Content management sytem (via secure backend)
Glory Gates Quartet Foundation Complete Joomla! website, media support
OC Heat Volleyball Club Responsive Design Website for athletic clubs
Pacific SW District LWML Responsive Design Site (demo) and backend CMS


  • Responsive Design
  • Jquery Mobile/UI
  • Open Source: PHP5/MySql5/Apache
  • Data Formats: XML/Json/SOAP/RSS
  • API's: Facebook, Twitter, Google
  • Scripting: JavaScript/JQuery with AJAX
  • Markup: HTML5/CSS3
  • Frameworks: Joomla!, Wordpress, Smarty, cakePHP, Salesforce, Bootstrap
  • Browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari


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